Academy Director: Farrah Johnson

CTE / Academy Facilitator: Alisha Zarbo

2017-18 Action Plan:

Academy Teacher Team & Schedule:

Teacher's NameFarrah Johnson
Course(s) TaughtAgriscience Foundations
Period Taught2nd
David Collins
Environmental Science Honors

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Standard 1: Integrated Curriculum / Projects
Even though we are a NEW Academy, I have been teaching Agriscience Foundations at Deltona High for 17 years. About 5 years ago I received training and curriculum from the Nutrients for Life Foundation. I integrated the majority of their curriculum into Agriscience Foundations. In January, at one of our FFA Conferences, we had additional training and updated curriculum. I have all curriculum on a flash drive and was able to get copies of everything for Mr. Collins as well. The main focus for this curriculum is to help students understand the importance of providing a sustainable food supply and the responsibility of using fertilizers and pesticides correctly. This also leads to many class discussions about how will we continue to feed a growing population with less land and water. Unfortunately the majority of files are too large to load. However below are the links for the curriculum, pre-tests and post tests,and more. The power points are included below. This is a 9 week unit split between 3rd and 4th 9 weeks. In addition, I have different videos that are worked into the curriculum.
*A Civil Action movie is based on a true story in a contaminated water case in Woburn, Massachusetts.
*Water Works 1 and 2- Good Eats, Food Network
*City Water- Modern Marvels
*Renewable Resources- Modern Marvels
*Environmental Tech- Modern Marvels
I also have access to ICEV online resources that include video clips.
In addition to a few additional labs- Water Use, The edible aquifer and soil profiling dirt cake.

aquifer.jpgaquifer 2.jpg
Curriculum In Action:
CTE/Academy tour. The Academy class participated in a blind taste test of a name brand and generic cereal product food lab. Discussion of differences included taste, color, sugar, crunch and other differences. This is one of many hands on labs that take place in class.
Curriculum In Action:

Standard 2: Cohort Schedule
16- Students are in the 6th period Environmental Science Honors class.
3- Students are in the AICE Pre-Biology class.
5- Students are in Biology Honors class.
*24/24 are in academy coded/higher core course (100%)
Standard 3: Program of Study / 4 Yr Plan

Standard 4: Advisory Committee
The Deltona High FFA Alumni is made up of parents, former students and business and industry representatives. It has been a functioning group for many years. As the Academy grows, we will evaluate the addition of another advisory group.

The FFA Alumni group is more than what the name states. It is a group of parents, students, alumni, business partners, etc that make decisions on behalf of the academy and Ag program. They assist with fundraising efforts, provide scholarships, grant internships and employment, assist in acquiring materials and supplies, etc. Although the name “Alumni” is their official name, it is a true Advisory Board for the program/academy. They do have a “President” of the Alumni chapter who runs the meeting and the teacher is a member of the council.

President- Christina Proctor (Lonnie’s Fusion Cuisine)
Vice President- Michelle Huggins
Secretary- Mary Moss
Treasurer- Carrie Root
Members: Tim & Laurie MacFarlane; Don & Marcia Beisch; Lonnie Proctor; Donnie Moss; Sandy Polcyn
August 15; September 21; October 3; October 30; November 28; December 15; January 9; February 6; March 6; April 3; May 1
Alumni Board Present at Open House- August 30 6-8pm

Standard 5: Enrollment

Standard 6: Professional Collaboration
16-19-FAAE Pre-Conference and FACTE Conference- workshops on lesson design, industry certifications, competitions and fundraising (12 hours)
24-27-Academy Integration Workshop (32 hours)
26-27- FFA Chapter President's Conference- breakouts on teacher burn out, virtual field trips and UF ESE workshop (6 hours)
1- Ag Professional Development- breakouts on literacy and lesson design (8 hours)
18- met with Mr. Collins from 3-5 regarding academy focus and plan (2 hours)
26- FFA COLT Conference Teacher breakout on industry certification ( 3 hours)
27- DHS ERPL- lesson design (2 hours)
24-28 National FFA Convention- teacher workshops on food safety ( 6 hours)
9- met from 3-4 with Mr. Collins regarding test grades and remediation plan ( 1 hour)
7- met from 3-5 with Mr. Collins regarding instructional strategies and planning ( 2 hours)
13-14 District 6 Leadership Conference- breakout regarding literacy and labs ( 2 hours)
24- DHS ERPL - lesson design, expectations in the classroom ( 2 hours)
26-28 FFA 212 and 360 Conferences- Nutrients for life workshop and curriculum ( 6 hours)
30- Agriculture on the Hill Legislative Day- regarding funding, industry certifications ( 3 hours)
8- met from 3-4 with Mr. Collins to share resources from Nutrients for Life ( 1 hour)
16-18 State Leadership Summit- breakout regarding participation, engaging students and career focus ( 6 hours)
21- DHS ERPL breakouts on nearpod, ESE accommodations, plc and lesson design ( 2 hours)

PLC ( 1 hour each): September 5th, October 3rd, November 28th, December 12th, January 16th, January 30th, February 27th, March 27th, April 10th, April 24th, May 8th, May 22nd
Standard 7: Recruitment
August 14 Freshman WOW Day
September 13-14 Lock in
December 7 Federation Bonfire- promote the Academy
December 14 High School Showcase
January 19- Galaxy Middle School STEM visit.
February 20 Deltona Rocks- rock painting with Deltona Middle FFA
March 8 Rising Sophomore Registration 5-7:30
March 19-21 emailing guidance counselors to discuss Academy
April 5 and 12 Freshmen Registration Nights 5-7:30

wow day.JPGshowcase.JPGlock in 3.jpgGalaxy 1.jpgrock painting.JPG
Standard 8: Career Focus / Workbased Learning
The Deltona Sr. FFA participates in many events throughout the year. All Academy students are invited to participate in all FFA events. preschool 2.jpgDSCN6405.JPGrecycling 3.jpgpreschool.jpgDSCN6707.JPGconcessions.JPGFull Sail.JPG
Standard 9: Marketing

Here is the Academy commercial put together for our school.
Twitter: deltonasrFFA
Facebook: Deltona Sr. FFA; Deltona FFA Alumni; Instagram DeltonaSrFFA; Remind 101

Information is shared in class, on syllabus (which is posted on school website) and send home. All students and parents are encouraged to follow us on all forms of social media. FFA officers share responsibilities of posting. We post our Alumni meetings on the school website and advertise fundraisers through the school website as well.
FB 1.pngFB 2.pngtwitter.pngAlumni FB 1.pngAlumni FB 2.png

Academy polos were purchased for students. They wear them once a month to promote the academy at school and to teachers.
Academy group picture 18.jpg
Final Evaluation: